On-Going Services

Onyx offers graphical consumption data reports that can be created for a single meter or aggregated meter groups.

Energy Usage Tracking

Whether your meter measures electricity usage in 15 minute intervals (IDR meter), or as a standard usage profile determined at the end of each billing cycle, tracking and measuring your consumption is vitally important to controlling your company’s energy costs.

Onyx offers graphical consumption data reports that can be created for a single meter or aggregated meter groups.

Bill Auditing Service

Onyx provides identification and resolution of customer billing errors by electricity and utility providers. Your company gains peace of mind knowing that an energy expert is reviewing each component of every bill.

The “Onyx Efficiency Program”

With a full-service energy consulting and services model, we deliver solutions that allow clients to enjoy a highly compelling value proposition:

  • Quickly and efficiently assess both markets and suppliers of energy related services in the U.S. and Canada.
  • By understanding both associated risks and rewards of products, incentives, and financial options, Onyx clients make educated decisions that fit their operational and risk profile.

Onyx achieves this by understanding incentive programs, technologies, integrator networks, financial service providers, and regulatory landscapes. We offer a systematic approach to market assessment, supplier review, and risk management that allows your business to stay on track.

Turn-Key Solutions

Onyx undertakes a number of preliminary evaluation steps aimed at familiarizing itself with your business goals and objectives in pursuit of a comprehensive solution for all involved facilities.


  • Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Solar Project Consulting and Services
  • Carbon Procurement and Risk Management
  • Demand Response Services

Making Energy Make a Difference

Onyx is proud to support many local and nationwide charities.

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