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Founded in 1912, the BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a private, non-profit organization that focuses on expanding marketplace trust, including 106 individually incorporated local BBB companies in the US and Canada. It is coordinated by the IABBB (International Association of Better Business Bureau) in Arlington, Virginia.

The BBB is not affiliated with any of the government authorities. Businesses that are affiliated with the BBB and comply with its norms are doing so through industry self-regulation. For avoiding bias, the policy of BBB is to abstain from endorsing or recommending any particular product, service, or business. The Better Business Bureau has accredited around 400,000 local businesses in North America

TEPA (The Energy Professionals Association) was founded in April 2005 to promote an assimilated code of practice among the members, teach the community about energy initiatives, and support legislative plans in the deregulated energy markets.

It is a self-regulatory body that is focused on standardizing procedures and ensuring that aggregators, brokers, and consultants (A/B/C) keep a satisfactory level of market knowledge and accountability while transacting within the market place. TEPA specializes in offering market knowledge to help users make better energy procurement choices, and it upholds the trustworthiness of the deregulated energy markets throughout the country.

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