Energy Efficiency Services

In today’s rising energy commodity climate, it is important for companies to look beyond controlling energy costs on the supply side. Onyx offers a full suite of energy efficiency services, including energy audits, power factor correction, lighting and HVAC retrofits and controls and predominant use studies.

Energy Audits

Onyx offers a full facility review and written report identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption. One of our energy efficiency experts is available for an on-site review to identify energy conservation measures, savings estimates, budgetary costs, and rebate opportunities. In addition, Onyx will identify and provide a cost analysis of renewable opportunities.

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor of an AC electric power system is defined as the ratio of the real power to the apparent power, and is a number between 0 and 1 frequently expressed as a percentage. Real power is the capacity of the circuit for performing work in a particular time. Low-power-factor loads increase losses in a power distribution system and result in increased energy costs. Onyx measures and obtains the power factor at each premise. We then provide a cost benefit analysis of a power factor correction project to avoid transmission and distribution service provider power factor penalties.

Predominant Use Study

In some states companies that use 51% or greater of their electric load for manufacturing purposes can qualify as being tax exempt. Onyx conducts an in depth walk-through of the manufacturing facility to identify and inventory all equipment that uses electricity. If a facility qualifies for sales tax exemption, a Sales Tax Exemption certificate will be prepared and filed for tax refunds according to state law.

Lighting/HVAC Retrofits and Controls

With increased rebates structures, rising energy cost, and aging technologies, both lighting and HVAC retrofits and upgrades have experienced decreases in Return-On-Investment (ROI). With an extensive facility audit and economic analysis, customers are prepared to take advantage of ever increasing federal, state, and local energy incentive programs to begin reducing their energy cost immediately.

Attributes of the "Onyx Efficiency Program"

  • Educate and assist the client through opportunity evaluation, service provider screening, contract negotiation, and program implementation.
  • Alleviate the need to spend valuable time becoming familiar with complex and constantly changing markets and program structures and timing.
  • Provide an independent and unbiased approach towards solutions and supplier choice.
  • Secure the lowest prices and most preferential terms, conditions and pricing structures available in the marketplace.
  • Oversee and manage account with chosen supplier and/or vendor for the duration of the contract term.

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