About Onyx

Onyx Power & Gas Consulting is a full-service energy procurement and management consulting firm comprised of knowledgeable energy professionals from leading energy companies across the country. Our robust wholesale trading network and operations allow us to leverage purchasing power across trading regions nationwide. The end result is the most aggressive pricing in the marketplace for maximum savings for you!

Three Major Selling Points

  1. We're committed to diversity as the nation's leading diversity choice supplier in energy procurement and related services.
  2. We collaborate with the nation's top and most reliable energy suppliers.
  3. Our leadership team represents more than 30 combined years of experience in energy services, sales, and consultations.

Why Use Onyx Power & Gas Consulting?

By working with an Onyx consultant, you're working with an industry expert who understands the intricacies of the energy commodity markets. It's this in-depth knowledge of energy markets and deregulation rules and regulations that allows us to keep your residential or commercial energy costs low.

Contact Onyx Power & Gas Consulting in Dallas, Texas, for more reasons why you should hire our dedicated Onyx energy consultants.

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